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been there done that !!! not this

15 Jul, 2004 @ 11:23pm | General

hey people , i wanted ta tell u people abt somethin that happened ta me today . you will peel with laughter . peel laughter and get peeled due to laughter .

anyways i come back from college in a car pool .theres this guy called anupam . anyways theres also this girl called sushni who drives. anyways the ass wanted ta sit with her in front . when we dint alowmit he started walkin from journalist colony jubilee hills. and when we requested him ta come in he said no . we drove with him for some time and then left him . poor chap walked all the way ta banjara hills coffeeday . moral of the story dont act smart . it can get u exhausted .



Current Mood: Amazed
Current Music: are there people like him

have you had a worse day

14 Jul, 2004 @ 9:44pm | General

heyy people .

well it all started when i saw my sisters face in the morning and well life became a ramshackle of weird and unnerving things . the worst combination of misfortune , bad luck , and fate on the run when this dreary july morning took off.

i went ta college and there was soni the razmataz of idiots the man who thought life was a rule book and we maggots who had to live all our life by the dime that said dont cross it  . neways after two of his classes and well a borin day and after playin two hours off basket ball i go to the city to find that i have left ma keys in the college . so i go back . all 17 kilometres of it and am drivin ome when ma petrol gets over . 1.5 kilometres before my house . the worst part is i live in banjara hills . if you dont know what kinda slopes u find there , ask the 7 seater idiots who use ropes to push theirs autos up the slope . anyways when i get home full of sweat and ready ta faint there is no one at home . its loccked . guess what happened next . [ stop wondering about the broken window in my drawing room ]


Current Mood: Screwed
Current Music: linkin park tried so hard